After a bit of work, I had sucess!

Below is the photo which is on the 1st Place award for Class 8

of the Plymouth Owner's Club Summer Meet.

My wife and I are pictured next to the Fury. It was a great show

and it was very nice to come home with a 1st place

in a national meet.

Mark Olson's 1968 Plymouth Fury

The meet was held in Grand Rapids Minnesota, this photo is taken at the County Fair Grounds

where the actual car show on Saturday the 31st of August took place. The Sawmill Hotel

was the location of all the other events of the weekend. Tours of local attractions Thursday

and a swap meet, bar-b-que on Friday with the show awards banquet on Saturday.

If you own a twenty five year old Plymouth (or Fargo car) you should be a member of the

Plymouth Owner's Club.

Click on the above link for the club's web pages! Membership in one of the many local regions

of the POC - like the Tall Pines region in Minnesota - is extra but not necessary.

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