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I bought the car from a doctor, from Fargo N.D., in May of 2000. The doctor had restored the body to it's present condition. I have replaced the front sub-frame, all front suspension and detailed the under-hood area. It does not look like a chevy under the hood now. (See what I did in the winter of 00/01 for more info.)

The broadcast sheet for the car tells that it was ordered by a small dealership in a little college town (Mayville) which is about 80 miles West and to the North of Fargo, N.D. People whom the doctor talked to have confirmed that it was in fact sold at the dealership in Fargo, not Mayville.

As far as I can tell, I am the fifth owner of the car. The second owner lived in North Dakota most of the time that he owned the car but moved to Minnesota about the time he quit driving it. The crossing of State lines makes the tracking of the car's history a little harder. Also the second owner did not know who sold the car, or where his father bought the car. The third owner brought it back to North Dakota where he owned a service station at that time.

I have tracked back the history back from the doctor who I bought it from, he would be owner #4. The doctor bought it from a dealership that had taken it on trade from a mechanic who is now a real estate agent and was owner #3. The car was painted white by owner #3 and the air conditioning from a 65 or 66 Dodge was installed. Owner #2 was given the car as a graduation present in 1973. His father (deceased) had bought it for $25 from the original owner. It had been wrecked bad enough to total it. From what I can tell, it had run off the road an over some rocks or other large objects. Owner #2 drove it for a few years and parked it when the paint had faded and the general condition deteriorated. Owner #3 bought it and fixed it up to use as family transportation.

The doctor bought it in 1983 and over the next 17 years brought it back to most of it's original condition. He replaced the rear fenders, roof, did major work on the front seat, replaced the motor and did a lot of work on all the other parts of the car. The car drove very well when I bought it and I could have left it the way it was for a long time.

When I bought the car from the doctor, I also got a second (parts car) a 1968 Fury VIP, fast-top as a bonus. The doctor had bought the VIP from a school in Oregon. The school had got the VIP as a gift from Chrysler in 1968 The car was in route to a dealership when the train which it was being carried on decided to "fall off the tracks". The school used it in their shop program and the VIP had only 400 actual miles on it when the doctor bought it. He had the rear fenders removed at a local body shop and installed on the convertible. He also had a local shop put the VIP's 318 in the convertible. The convertible was a 318 from the factory (I still have that engine) but that engine has about 100,000 miles on it and needs a lot of work.

My project in the summer of 2000 was to "make the VIP go away". I have all the usable parts stored all over my garage now. The rest of the body and roof went to the crusher. My project last winter was to take the sub-frame, inner fender wheel wells and radiator support from the VIP, recondition them, and then install them on the convertible. A photo record of that project is on these pages and you can see it by clicking below.

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