The bumper and grill are about all I need to do to get the front end back together. The doors fit as good as before and everything seems to be going fine.

The only problem I had that cost a lot of time was the darn power steering hose. The pump and the steering gear are both from the Green car now. The pump is an early Federal - Chrysler built pump. The steering gear was a left-over from 1967 from what I can tell. The green car was built in August of 1967 as one of the first 68 models. The older steering had a 1/4" SAE inverted male flare fitting. The pump has a 3/8" male "O" ring fitting. Chrysler made a hose to hook that combo up but it was only used for part of the year. When the ran out of 1/4" fittings they started using 5/16" male inverted flare fittings. That combination was used all the way to 1973 on all 318 engine cars. That hose is still being made by a number of suppliers. Anyway with the help of a new fitting for the steering gear I got the hose connected and now it is a standard hose.

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Last updated 5/10/2001