KAOS or "Chaos" the record from the past!

Ok, I have this record that I bought when I was a lad of about ten. I have had it all these years and the only thing I can find on the web about it is

"The record played during the format switch to WRYT was "Chaos" by Bob Arbogast and Stan Ross, as released on Liberty 55197 in 1958. I remember listening to that great sendup of top 40 radio over and over that weekend, not appreciating how on target it was until I got in the business. One of their jingles is ever embedded in my mind "It pays to listen to CHAOS - but not to work here - we wish somebody'd pay us". Ed Salamon (August 27, 2003)"

The above was posted on a website in a mailbag for a Pittsburgh area radio and tv site.

If you search eBay you can probably find one for under $20.

I have also found out the Bob Arbogast was one of the voices on "The Jetsons" tv show. He was on the Mork and Mindy show as the policeman and on Square One Tv as Byle Dupe in two episodes. He did Ma Ramjet in Roger Ramjet the cartoon. He also was in a animated movie in 1985 "Galtar and the Golden Lance" which is pretty obscure to me. Bob passed away in 2009.

Stan Ross was in a few more movies as an actual actor - he played Crowbar in 1954 Ma and Pa kettle movie, he had a bit part in "Requiem for a Heavyweight". Stan was Disciple in "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" in 1970. Stan was also in "Mask" he played the drunken biker. The last movie I could find Stan was in was "Hollywood Zap" where he played a derelict.

Well where is this all leading you might say - you can listen to the whole KAOS record by clicking


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