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Photos of other Scamps

Very nice Scamp belonging to Bruce - built in December 1982.


Bruce found this in San Jose - that is where my Scamp spent most of it's life too.

Here is another GT in the South East - belongs to Tom R. Built in May of 1983.


Yes - that is the back half of a Ford in the box. Tom hopes to restore this Scamp in the near future.

Unrestored - Chris

Finished - Doug's now.

Chris/Doug's Finished GT Side

Chris/Doung's Finished GT Front

Chris/Doung's Finished GT - Rear View

Chis/Doug Finished GT - Interior

Chris/Doug's finished GT - Tonneau

Above are two photos of Chris's GT (unrestored) and five photos (restored) - Chris owned a restoration shop in Texas, sadly, Chris passed away in September of 2008 with the Scamp in primer and most of the interior work done. A long time friend and former employee, Doug has the Scamp now. Doug has finished the restoration of the little truck and finds he gets as much attention as muscle cars when he drives it! Click on any of the above finished photos for a high-res version.


Mark W. in Maryland just bought this Scamp GT. He got a great deal on it - too bad Bambi decided to sit on it when the previous owner had it. Mark is going to restore it and we can post some photos of it after that is done.

VIN = 1P7EM64CXDDxxxxxx

Hal K. just got this Scamp GT home from Montana - watch for more information on it - Hal plans a complete restoration over the next year or so. Rust free is great!!!!

Ray, out in the state of Washington, picked up this Scamp around the end of 2009. The truck is all pretty much there. The previous owner loved all sorts of add on's (like the roof rack). Now they are take off's. Mice loved it too (this is a common problem with older vehicles.) Vin # 1P7EM44C3DDXXXXXX. Silver with red interior. The truck had been sitting for four years. Needed a new windshield. The old carpet was soaked. A/C was also DOA. Plan include a repaint and add new carpet and rims.

Asking price was $19,900.00 - I have created a special page just for this Scamp - the person selling it sent these photos.


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