Photos from the collection of Jim Benjaminson

Digital presentation by Mark Olson

1954 Plymouth Turbine car photos.

1955 Plymouth Turbine car photos. 
1956 Plymouth Turbine car photos.

1959 Plymouth Turbine car photos.

1959 Turboflite turbine powered show car. 
1960, 61 & 62 Plymouth Turbine car photos.

1963 Chrysler Turbine Car - Ghia cars.

Various photos from 1954 until the program ended in 1981.

Note: All the photos in this collection are from Chrysler corp. archives.  They were scanned from prints in the collection of Jim Benjaminson.  Jim has been involved in collecting and promoting the fine vehicles produced by Plymouth and other Chrysler divisions for many years.  Jim has authored a number of books on Plymouth and Desoto cars.  Watch for his new book on Plymouth Commercial vehicles sometime in 1999.