Top 5 Tried and Tested Maintenance Tips for Classic Cars Owners

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Nothing could ever beat the rush of finally owning the classic car of your dreams. Of course, contrary to what most people think, owning such a unique and vintage investment is not just about keeping it sleek and squeaky clean while itís in your garage. Even more vital is that you must commit to maintaining and preserving your vehicle by keeping it in top condition.
Whether you bought your classic in mint condition or are still slowly working on getting it back to perfection, your car will definitely need regular maintenance. Here are the top five tried and tested maintenance tips to help you fully preserve your classicís vintage charm.

1. Never miss your carís scheduled and preventive maintenance
As a classic car collector, you probably have much experience with the technicalities of maintaining a car. However, even if youíre pretty knowledgeable about keeping a vehicle in excellent shape, especially if itís one of your hobbies, you still need to consult a qualified mechanic for regular tune-ups and preventive maintenance. A professional mechanic will know more about the
marque and model of your classic and will have more experience in identifying any potential adjustments or repair work you may have missed. On top of that, working with professionals also means theyíll have more connections and can easily find car parts for better deals.

2. Stick to your marque and modelís original parts
A classic car is practically an investment since the better its condition is, and the longer youíve preserved it, the higher its value will be in the long run. So, when someone offers you an upgrade, learn to say NO. To ensure your carís high value, only stick to the original, stock parts, which are far more appealing and valuable in the classic car market. The good news is that there are plenty of online resources where you can find information about your vehicleís marque and model, such as
dedicated web pages and online photo collections.
Yes! It may be tempting to add a few unique and modern modifications. However, if youíre planning to sell it one day, you wouldnít want to lower your vintage carís value. By sticking to a stock replacement part, even though itís pricier, youíll be able to ensure your vehicleís high financial value while keeping it in tip-top shape.

3. Commit to consistent cleaning and waxing

Like any modern-day vehicle, regularly cleaning and waxing your classic is vital to keeping it in the best condition. Now and then, a good hand wash could come a long way in keeping salt, grime, and other impurities from causing any permanent damage to your car. Of course, on top of a regular car wash, a good waxing every six months will help make your classic maintain its sleek charm and shine. Donít forget to regularly clean your vehicleís interior as well. It wonít help to keep your carís high value if your seat and carpet look shabby, even if your exterior looks pretty impressive.

4. Never forget to take it for a spin

This might be one of the best parts of maintaining a vintage ride ó taking it out for a spin and enjoying the sheer joy of owning such an impressive vehicle. Revving your carís engine at least once a month could help prevent many potential problems. Your classicís seals and rubber could dry up and lead to leaks or other issues, which could have been easily prevented by driving your vehicle.
If youíre uncomfortable with taking it out of storage twice a month, drive your car at least once and keep it hot for approximately 30 minutes whenever possible. After all, if youíre not making the most out of owning a classic car, it wouldnít be as much fun, would it?

5. Keep your classic car safe and covered

Owning a luxury car also means having safe storage that should keep your car safe from all possible elements. Excessive exposure to rain, wind, snow, and even the sun could damage your vehicle. For example, if your garage starts to have undetected leaks, exposing your car to the water, that could eventually lead to rusting. Strong winds could blow random objects toward your vehicle, resulting in scratches, dents, and even dust in hard-to-clean areas. The list could go on and on. So, something as simple as covering your car or parking it in a secure garage could do wonders in protecting your vehicle. On top of that, another way to keep your vintage safe is by purchasing the best auto insurance that corresponds to your carís unique needs. Read the fine print and look for an insurance policy that wonít limit your carís current market value.

Final Thoughts
When it comes to classic car ownership, purchasing a unique vehicle is just the tip of the iceberg. By preserving its vintage charm and maintaining it regularly in the best possible condition, you will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of owning one and keep its high value in the classic car market.


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