This site does not sell anything - I do this for you!

In a perfect world, I would be rich, welcome to the real world! Since I am not rich and am providing a service that some people find useful - - - I make this blatant request to part with a small amout of your hard earned cash. I am not tax deductable and I promise nothing for your donations except to put them into the maintenance and improvements of this web site.

It costs about $50.00 a month for me to keep this web site up and free of pop-up, annoying advertisements.

You can make a (non-deductable) donation to via PayPal. They can take credit card donations even if you are not a PayPal member.

Note: I am not a tax exempt organization - all donations are Not Tax Deductible - consider them gifts to help me meet expensis for my hobby.

Donations of old turbine car stuff would also be appreciated - if you have any old documents, photos (personal non-published material) that would be great too. If you just wanted to loan them to me, I would return them after scanning them. You can also scan them yourself - 300 dpi please. Email me if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for any help you feel you can give.

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