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Plymouth GTX and Sport Fury GT. Our Executive Branch.

Men, 25 and over, take note.

Maybe you were like a lot of guys, back when hot machinery was the exclusive property of Rollo the Rich kid. Seemed like one thing after another prevented you from plunking for that long-coveted set of wheels, didn't it? First school then the service, then marriage, then kids -

Until there you are right now, still without your wheels. And there you are about to kid yourself into believing that you've, uh, outgrown that sort of thing, uh, anyway. And there you are, money in fist, about to kid yourself into one of those ignominious conveyances known as the family sedan.



Join the Executive Branch of our Rapid Transit System. Sun City can wait.

Take the GTX for example. Our first modern-day Supercar--and a true one it is, right from its mighty 440 cubic inch displacement, hot camshaft, high-flow cylinder heads and 4-barrel carburetion, all the way to its fat tires, bulging hood and heavy-duty undercarriage.

But inside -- ahhhh -- enough plushery to please a Shah: cushy high-back bucket seats, deep carpeting, simulated wood-grain paneling, full instrumentation - the works. On top of that, the whole is so tractable even your mother-in-law could tool it around the drive-in circuit. Next thing you know, she'll be asking why you didn't get it with the three-carb setup and the 4.10 rear axle. Never underestimate Woman's capacity for enjoying a man's car. Order the Hemi.

On the other hand, if family room is a problem, consider the Sport Fury GT above. Nothing less than our biggest shell, wrapped around our biggest displacement engine. It's King-size, but don't let that fool you. We don't call it Daddy Longlegs for nothing.

Note the hidden headlamps, the telltale bulges in the hood, the reflective strobe stripe around the middle, and the road wheels with H-70 x 15 hides. Such cosmetics do indeed belie a Supercar constitution. Up front is our GTX 440 cu. in. engine, bolted to a high-upshift TorqueFlite automatic. And below that, heavy-duty torsion bars, rear springs, shocks and front anti-sway bar, coupled to a new, extra-wide track. Thus endowed, it can do things a lot of so-called "Supercars" can't do. It's the ultimate sleeper. A real Q-ship.

In fact, Big Daddy's shock value may well be its greatest quality. Just imagine the look on people's faces after they've had the banana put on them by this -- this--luxury car.

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