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Options and Interiors. Performance alone does not a Supercar make.

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A. Dust Trails. An extra touch of whimsy for the well-equipped Road Runner.
B. Air Grabber. Available on Road Runner and GTX. Flip a switch, the trap door on the hood opens, and the englne breathes cool, oxygen charged air. It's good for about a tenth second in the quarter Note the fiat-black hood striping, also available on either car.
C. Shifters. On 4-speed cars, our Pistol Grip shift handle allows you to really put the arm to the ol' Hurst. On auto 'Cudas, your Stap Stik shifter lets you shift manually, 1-2-3, without, overshooting "2" range. The result in either case is fewer missed shifts, lower et's Besides, they look tough and the girls dig 'em.
D. Tachometers. No 4-speed car should be without one of our big, readable, dash-mounted tachs. They're handy on automatic cars, too.
E. I.Q.E.C.A.G. Otherwise known as Incredible Quivering Exposed Cold Air Graber which is the through-hood induction system that's standard on Hemi-'Cudas, available on 440 6-bbl. 'Cudas. Because it's attached directly to the engine, it shakes and quakes with every lope of the cam. Rumpa - Rumpa - Rumpa!
F. Wheels and Wheel Covers.
1. Fury Road Wheels Standard on all Sport Fury GTs. 15" x 6'.
2. Wire Wheel Cover Available on Cudas, Road Runners and GTXs with 14" wheels, all Dusters.
3. Rallye Wheel. Available in 14" x 5 ½" (std. on Duster 340) and 15" x 7' on 'Cuda, Road Runner and GTX.
4. Deluxe Road Wheer. Available in 14" x 5 1/2" on 'Cuda 383 and440, Road Runner and GTX.
G. Colors. Latest West Coast flavors See chart at right for availability.

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A, GTX and Road Runner, Ritzy contoured buckets are standard on GTX, optional on Road Runner. The standard Road Runner seat is a bench-type unit.
B. Sport Fury GT. Like Road Runner, "Daddy Longlegs" carries a bench seat, standard, Bucket seats, like the ones shown, are optional.
C. 'Cuda. High back vinyl buckets are standard on all models. Optional, and really plush, are these leather trimmed in vinyl versions.
D. Duster 340. Shown in Duster's optional bucket seat / console arrangement, "4-place" bench is standard.

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