With the introduction of its turbine-powered car, Chrysler Corporation reaches a milestone in automobile design. The appearance turbine cars on the public roads signifies an important point . . . possibly a turning point--in automobile evolution.

The Chrysler Corporation Turbine Car is a 4-passenger hardtop, a luxury car in every sense of the word, equipped with power steering, power brakes, power window lifts, leather seats and trim, and a body structure designed to accommodate the gas turbine engine. Aside from its revolutionary engine and luxury appointments, the car has the normal configuration of an American automobile. The engine is in the front of the car and supplies power to the rear wheels. The car has the normal instruments found in a passenger car (driving enthusiasts will be glad to know it has an ammeter and oil pressure gauge as well as an oil pressure warning light). In addition it has an engine speed indicator and a temperature indicator with which the driver should become familiar. Most of the hand controls, including the automatic transmission control lever, are in a console at the driver's right hand. Otherwise, it has the foot braking andacceleration controls with which everyone is familiar. A major difference is there--but under the hood.

This publication presents the styling and engineering features of the Chrysler Corporation Turbine Car and a description of the first automotive gas turbine engine to be put into limited production and made available to the man-on-the-street.

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