Engine exhaust gases, after leaving the regenerators, pass out to the rear of the car through tworectangular aluminum exhaust ducts, emerging at a temperature of about 500 F at full power(depending on outside air temperature) and only about 190 F when the engine is idling. (Bycomparison, the temperature of exhaust gases emerging from the tail pipe of a piston engine isseveral hundred degrees higher under most conditions.)

Two cast-aluminum convergers, bolted to the regenerator covers, collect the exhaust gases fromthe regenerators and direct them into the ducts. The two exhaust systems are separate, oneexhausting gas from the left regenerator, while the other carries exhaust gas from the rightregenerator.

Exhast System

The exhaust ducts extend to the rear, curve over the axle, and end just ahead of the rear end ofthe car. Each is supported by three flexible hangers. At the outlet end, the cross-section enlargesto slow up flow, and the upper surface of each duct curves to deflect the exhaust gas downward. Aluminum channels, bolted to the underbody parallel to the ducts, serve as skid strips to protectthe underside of the ducts when the car passes over rough ground.

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