A starter-generator, mounted on the rear of the accessory case at the front of the engine, iscoupled directly to an accessory drive shaft. When the engine is being started, thestarter-generator, operating as a motor, rotates the gas generator and accessories until the enginefires and the first-stage turbine begins to accelerate under its own power. When the gas generatorrotor reaches self-sustaining speed, the starter circuitry disengages and field current is introducedto the generator, which then provides d. c. power for the car's electrical equipment.

StarterAn ignition unit mounted on the front of the engine is driven from the low-speed accessory shaft. It has an ignition interrupter which fires the shielded igniter 80 to 200 times per second when thecompressor is rotating. Although the igniter does not have to keep firing to maintain combustion,each time the accelerator pedal is released to let the car coast, fuel is shut off and must bereignited, and this is achieved simply by operating the ignition system continuously.

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