Luxurious and lasting beauty is displayed throughout the Turbine Car interior by full leather trim accented by bright and brushed-finish metal. Seats, doors, trim panels and instrument panel are covered in soft, rich copper-colered leather. A unique and striking feature of the interior is a bright anodized aluminum console tube extending from front to rear between the seats.

Instrument Panel

The instrument panel is airfoil in shape and enclosed inleather to a point midway down the lower panel. Below the leather is a horizontal electroluminescent band, with the remainder of the lower panel covered in a satin-finished stainless steel. The non-reflective reddish leather covering the top of the panel is safety-cushion padded from the instrument cluster to the right end of the panel.

Instrument Panel

The instrument cluster copmprises three circular pods mounted over the steering column. The center pod, covered in the same material as thepanel, contains the speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, high-beam warning light, and fuel gauge. Both left and right hand pods intersect the lower panel and are painted to match the nonreflective color of the leather covering the top of the panel. The left pod houses a turbine inlet temperature gauge, ammeter, oil presure gauge and oil presure warning light. The rightpod contains a clock set in the center of a tachometer, which indicates speed of the first-stage turbine. Each pod has electro luminescent lighting for glare-free nighttime visibility.

Instrument Cluster

Right and left turn signal indicator lights are located at each side of the steering column,with the trip odometer and clock reset knobs positioned directly below each light. Theignition key slot, cigar lighter and a flush- set ash receiver are in the lower portion ofthe instrument panel between the instrument cluster and glove box.

The electro luminescent title strip, extending across the length of the lower panel fromthe instrument cluster, contains call-outs for Ignition, Lighter, Volume, Selectors, andTuning; a red warning light and call-out for Brake Pressure; and the words, "TurbinePower by Chrysler Corporation."

A deluxe, push-button radio is recessed deeply within the leather-covered section ofthe lower panel directly over the ash receiver, and a color-keyed, perforated metalspeaker grille is mounted within the top of the panel, to the right of the radio.

The circular steering wheel, constructed of copper-toned plastic, has a full metal hornring with the words "Chrysler Corporation" around the perimeter of the hub.

Inside Rearview Mirror

Inside Mirror

The inside rearview mirror is cemented to the windshield glass. A double-ball pivot mounting provides an added safety feature by permitting the mirror to move easily upon contact.


The console controls are within easy reach of the driver's right hand. The console tube projects rearward from a bright-chrome simulated bladed wheel at the front and extends to a similar large, simulated bladed wheel at the rear. Side pads, covered in copper-tone leather, cradle the console tube. Adjacent to the driver, copper-colored leather covers the console tube in the control-station area that includes controls and indicators for the automatic transmission, parking brake, heater/blower, lights and wipers. The black-knobbed transmission control lever extends from a raised section along the top of the console tube.

In the rear seat area, a small sliding panel in the top of the console tube draws backto reveal a built-in ash tray', cigar lighter and cigarette pack holder.


Seat Appearance

The bucket-shaped front and rear seats are of a unique design featuring a "swept back"seat cushion in which the leading edge angles rearward from inboard to outboard. Allseats are covered in soft, copper-tone leather, with pleated center inserts. Brightchrome moldings surround the seat back perimeters.

The front seats are equipped with copper-colored safety belts with concealed floorattachments. A decorative feature on the rear of each front seat back is a largesquare, satin-chrome finish pan, with a bright molding surrounding the pan and ablack rubber kick pad.

Passenger Compartment

Seat tracks and support brackets are covered in a copper-toned leather which blendsin with thick all-nylon, tufted carpeting of the same hue. Similar colored leather isused in the rear seat shroud which extends down between the bucket seats.


Trim Panels

The doors and rear quarter panels are trimmed in copper - colored leathers and a broad,horizontal brushed-stainless steel band which continues off the lower portion of the instrument panel. A rectangular plate inserted into the band on each door contains a window-lift button plus a door release lever. A similar plate in each rear quarter trim panel is fitted with a window-lift button and courtesy light. Leather armrests, the same color as the trim panels, are mounted just below the decorative stainless steel band.

Headlining is off-white perforated vinyl, and leather-covered padded sun visors arethe same color.


A wide, two-tone satin-finish and bright chromed molding frames the interior side glassand windshield and the front pillar. The perimeter of the rear window is outlined by atwo-tone molding in bright metal and paint matching headlining color.

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