The front suspension of the Turbine Car has upper and lower control arms with ball joints, coil springs and a sway bar. Shock absorbers are located within the coil springs. Control arm pivots are designed to provide both anti-dive characteristics and low caster change.

Front Suspension

The suspension elements are attached to a large cross member connected to the body forward longitudinal structural members by four rubber-insolation mountings which cushion the body from shock, noise and harshness.

The rear suspension has two fore-and-aft six-leaf springs and Oriflow shock absorbers. These are "fore-and-aft" shock absorbers which extend rearward and upward from the axle to the body and do not lean inward as on regular production cars. Each shock absorber, at its lower, forward end, is connected to a bracket on the axle spring seat and, at its upper, rearward end, is anchored in a bracket in the underbody.

Rear Suspension

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