Among features that add to the convenience of the Turbine Car are swept-back seats and such luxury items as automatic interior lights and power window lifts.


The new "swept back" seats offer more than a unique design. The sweptback makes it easy to enter or leave the car, and seating comfort is assured by the use of deep, foam-covered spring construction. SeatBoth cushions and back are contoured to contain the passenger in a manner that affords not only comfort, but also a sense of security, especially during turns. The seat back is taller, and the upper part breaks forward slightly to give added shoulder support, affording noticeably superior comfort, particularly for the driver.

The front bucket seats are rigidly supported by straight- section tracks bolted directly to the floor. Seat-adjuster handles are located in a convenient position at the lower front of the seat cushions.


Electro luminescent lighting, featured within the instrument cluster pods and in title strips on the instrument panel and console, reduces any tendency to eye fatigue through its soft, evenly diffused glow that eliminates glare.

Interior compartment lighting consists of two courtesy lamps beneath the instrument panel (one on each side), a map light with switch mounted over the radio, one light in each door lower trim panel, and one light ineach rear quarter panel trim integrated in a plate with the power window lift switch. Fron Door Armrest

When either door is opened, all lamps light up automatically, including a red warning flasher light in the armrest of the door that is open.

Heating and Ventilating System

The heater assembly, although simlar in design to that introduced on the 1962 Plymouth and Dodge cars, features an "instant heat" gas-to-air heat exchanger in which the fresh air is heated by hot gases from the turbine engine instead of hot water. Turbine gases are tapped from the turbine engine housing before they enter the regenerator, and are passed into the heater core, which then transfers its heat to the fresh air that is distributed through the passenger compartment in the conventional manner. Heater

Because of the absence of normal engine vacuum, the heater flow- control actuators are designed for pressure instead of vacuum actuation. Air pressure for this function is tapped off of the compressor diffuser of the turbine engine.

Push-button Radio

A highly reliable, 5-1/2 watt, fully transistorized radio with an electro luminescent dial face has the interesting feature of "quick-playing" as soon as it is turned on.

Windshield Wipers and Washer

The windshield wipers have a parallel -wipe pattern and are actuated by a variable - speed electric motor. Maximum wiping area is achieved through the use of 18-inch airfoil blades.

The windshield washer is electrically operated. The reservoir bag and pump are located in the engine compartment, and the washer is operated by a push-button in the center of the wiper control button on the console.

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