STANDARD EQUIPMENT

The Turbine Car generally has the advanced design and engineering features associated
with Chrysler Corporation automobiles.  It is a luxury car with leather upholstery and
bucket seats of an unusual design, and has several chassis, body and interior features
not found on any other Chrysler Corporation automobile.  These include a central hydraulic
system, pressure-boosted power brakes, hot gas-to-air heater, rubber-mounted
unit front suspension, aluminum hood and deck lid.

All features and equipment are standard.  There is one body color and one interior
trim combination.     No options are available.

Standard Equipment

Automatic Transmission                     Padded Instrument Panel
Power Steering                             Padded Sun Visors
Power Brakes                               Prismatic Inside Rearview Mirror
Power Windows                              Genuine Leather Seats and Interior Trim
Heater -Defroster                          Front Seat Safety Belts
Rear Window Defogger                       Map Light
Variable-Speed Windshield Wipers           Clock
Windshield Washers                         Transistorized Push-button Radio
Self-adjusting Brakes                      Rear Seat Speaker
Back-up Lights                             Door-mounted Flashing Warning Lights
Front and Rear License Plate               Courtesy Lights in Door and Quarter Trim
    Frames                                     Panels and Below Instrument Panel
Outside Remote Rearview Mirror             Glove Box, Ash Tray, Trunk and
Rear Wheel Skirts                              Underhood Lights
Wheel Covers
White Sidewall Tires
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