Model                                                 2-door, 4-passenger hardtop

    Wheelbase                                                    110.0 in.
    Tread - Front                                                 59.0 in.
          - R ear                                                 56.7 in.
    Over-all Length                                              201.6 in.
    Overhang - Front                                              36.2 in.
             - R ear                                              55.4 in.
    Over-all Width                                                72.9 in.
    Over-all Height (with 4-passenger load)                       53.5 in.
    Turning Radius - Curb to Curb                                 38.8 ft.
                   - Wall to Wall                                   42 ft.
    Weight (estimated)                                           3900 lbs.
    Type                                               Regenerative gas turbine,
    Location                                                      Front
    Rated B. H. P.                                       130 @ 3600 rpm output shaft
    Torque                                           425 lb-ft @ zero output shaft speed
    Maximum Speeds
              Compressor Turbine                                 44, 600 rpm
              Power Turbine                                      45, 700 rpm
              Reduction Gear Output Shaft                         4. 680 rpm
    Type                                        Modified TorqueFlite 3-speed automatic
                                                      (without torque converter)
    Control                                         Console-mounted gated lever
    Parking Lock                                            Push-down sprag
Rear Axle
      Type                                          8-3/4 in. dia., 2-pinion
      Ratio                                              3.23
      Power                                         Master cylinder air-boosted
      Type                                    Four-wheel hydraulic servo-type, single
                                              anchor self-energizing, self-adjuting
      Size                                             10 x 2.5 front and rear
      Parking Brake
          Type                               Cable application of rear service brakes
          Control                                             Hand lever
Tires and Wheels
      Tires                                    7.50 x 14, Tubeless, 4-ply rayon,
                                                white sidewalls, special design
      Wheels                                        14 x 5K, 0. 9 inch dish
      Type                                         Constant-Control hydraulic power gear
      Gear Ratio                                            15.7
      Over-all Ratio                                        18.8
      Front                                Long-and-short control arm type, coil springs--
                                           attached to cross member which is supported on
                                           rubber isolation mountings.
      Rear                                 Hotchkiss-type, asymmetrically mounted
                                                fore-and-aft leaf springs.
      Fuel tank                                          21 gallons

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