My New Project.

Not much to look at now - but...

The top is in pretty good condition

Needs a complete restoration

Restoration is well under way in 2006.


Just got some new rear springs - check them out!!!

Tower-O-Power - Slant Six - good gas mileage!

I have also aquired a 1965 Valiant four door donor car - it has a good engine, some trim and other parts that are better than on the covertible. I will soon remove all I can and dispose of that car - photos later.

Ok - Here is a sheet of details for Engine Colors from 1960 - 1973

Every Summer Wednesday Night - In Duluth Minnesota - Old Car Show

Wow! Vipers! - Archer Racing had an open house again!!! Click here.

Old Mechanix Illustrated article on Transistorized Ignitions systems - I put one of these on car once.

LINKS - Click here to find Mopar restoration parts links.

Click here for a tire size converter for old cars.

NEW - Click here for Spark Plug Analysis - see what they tell you!

ADDITION 6/2/2002 - Mopars in the Park 2002 - Great show!

Here is a VIN decoder information sheet for Pre-65 Mopars.

I have a collection of Mopar shop manuals too.

Need a MOOG part number? - Click here for list of suspension parts for Mopars

What happened to my Fury?

I sold it to a local guy - Click Here for the link to the original pages for that car.

For all the photos I took before I sold the Fury - Click Here!

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