Some of my many other interests are found here. 

Follow a road you like! 

  1. I am a Christian and you can be too!.
  2. I used to collect computers, had to give it up.
  3. Some great Surplus Stores.
  4. My family.
  5. St. Louis County, where I used to work.
  6. I worked on a Survey Crew once.
  7. Places I have been or want to got to.
  8. I am a Conservative/Libertarian
  9. Science Fiction I like.
  10. Duluth Speech by J. Proctor Nott 1871
  11. DULUTH - By Aurthur W. Baum 1949
  12. Bryant Elementary School - 1958 4th Grade
  13. SNOW! I mean SNOW! wow!
  14. "KAOS" by (Bob) Abrogast and (Stan) Ross, as released on Liberty 55197 in 1958
  15. The Olson/Olsson Automobiles - read about them here!
  16. Collection of Lake Superior Transportation Club (Laker) Newsletters
  17. Gilmore Museum 2006

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