To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ghia Turbine Car program: A guest article by Karl Pippart II

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Want to find out what magazines and books I have as resources. Many are available if you


Feb 2010 Issue of Mopar Action has a great article by Steve Lehto.

CLICK HERE for the 1962 History - from Chrysler

CLICK HERE for the 1966 History - from Chrysler

CLICK HERE for the 1979 History - from Chrysler

READ theTurbine Engineering Manual


CLICK HERE to read it in non-pdf format - html version.

Click Here to see the complete 10 minute video of the cars destruction on my Facebook Page

CLICK HERE for a complete list of all 203 users during the program sorted by state.

CLICK HERE for George Huebner's remarks on 4/12/66

The Geroge who was the Program

CLICK HERE to view the Multi-language How the Turbine Works Japanese, Duetsch, Espanol, Francais, Italano, Nederlands, Svenska, Turkce

Elwood P. Engel - The Designer of the Chrysler Turbine Car - CLICK HERE for more information.

George F. Stecher

the "other George" the mechanic who made the cars run.

J.E. (Jack) Charipar

Director of Turbine and Special Cars - 1962-1964

Fred Wiggins

was the engineer responsible for the design of the transmission used in the turbine car.

CLICK HERE for another 1976 Article By GeorgeHuebner

Bill Carry

had a very special job back in the 60's CLICK HERE for a tribute to Bill when he delivered his last turbine car to a special "user".

CLICK HERE to View the Ghia car World Tour handout - very large format.

Click here for complete Turbine Model information here

CLICK HERE for many photos, paper items and other images you will like.

I have collected much in the way of resource material on the Chrysler Turbine program - CLICK HERE for some I share and a listing.

CLICK HERE to Read the

Paper on the 1964 seven month Round-Up tour.

CLICK HERE to view the oldest brochure I have found from the turbine program.

CLICK HERE for many PRESS RELEASES published by Chrysler from the Turbine Program.

CLICK HERE for the 40th

Anviersary Book of Chrysler Corp.

CLICK HERE for a look at the Drivers Guide all users got in the glove compartment

CLICK HERE for information about The Lively Set Movie - staring the Turbine Car.

CLICK HERE for a look at a Mopar Parts in-house magazine with Turbine Photo

CLICK HERE for photos of Turbine car #25 has found a new home, it is now in Hickory Corners MI at the Gilmore Museum

Stuart Bicknell was user #62 in 1964 they made a movie clip and his son Charlie recently converted it to digital! He wanted to share so - CLICK HERE to view in Windows Media Player.

Brad Leisure's used his computer skills to do some "What If" ideas. CLICK HERE to see them!

HIGHLAND PARK - The home of Chrysler Engineering and Turbine Labs CLICK HERE for more information.

See some interesting photos when Jim Benjaminson, Craig Wycoff and a few other Plymouth club guys got three running turbine cars at the proving grounds CLICK HERE!

Special Interest Autos Magazine Articles on the Turbine Car - Leon Dixon - Michael Lamm CLICK HERE

 Where are the cars now? List of the nine cars spared and what happened to the rest! CLICK HERE

Click Here to see some sample photos of the WPC car taken by Richard Trusedall or click on this banner to the Right to visit his e-Magazine site:

CLICK HERE for a lot of photos of the St. Louis Car taken from below, inside and around the car. Great resource if you want to know what the bottom looked like!

Greenfield plant - that is where all the Chrysler turbine cars were assembled - CLICK HERE for some information.

Jay Leno obtained one of the three turbine cars that Chrysler had in it's collection. He was very nice to my wife and I when we visited him in August 2009 CLICK HERE for my Blog posting on that visit.


 CLICK HERE for some information on the Typhoon - the show car that became the Chrysler Turbine Car


 CLICK HERE to view the

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